Several weeks ago Lisa asked me what I wanted for Christmas? I started a list of several tools that I could use but it was while I was changing a light bulb that the best gift idea came to mind. When I first purchased my old house it still had knob and tube wiring. I spent about a year rewiring the house, basement and attic, the summer kitchen, and the detached garage. Everything after the electric meter was replaced and I used about 2000 feet/610 meters of Romex wire before I was through. The house came with several original light fixtures that I’ve rewired with new cloth covered wire. Over the years I have been replacing the remaining light fixtures with reproductions from Rejuvenation to match the period of the house and the original fixtures.

The sharp-eyed reader may have noticed a wood patch next to the new fixture. These two holes were used for the original cloth covered wiring. Today’s electric code requires a junction box that is attached to a framing member. That was not the case when the house was originally wired. The original wires passed through the bead board and connected directly to the fixture which was then screwed to the ceiling. For this location the junction box had to be relocated a few inches. Restoring a old house is a passion and is all about the details.