7 thoughts on “Choosing To Be Happy – No. 240

  1. It’s a wonderful treat to end a day with an unexpected, spectacular sunset. Thank you for sharing- it’s been very rainy here in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Your sunset is appreciated.

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    1. You are welcome. Always willing to share some happiness. It looked more spectacular as I captured this image. The light and clouds made it more interesting than usual. It appears that the various volcano eruptions have made the reds more vivid.


  2. Interesting, which volcanic eruptions do you suspect? I looked at Smithsonian/USGS weekly report and can’t figure out which volcanoes would influence Northern California sunsets. I’m fascinated by volcanoes.

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      1. Thanks for the link. It makes sense that ash particle size could impact how light is scattered. Your observation and comments remind me that erupted ash does remain in the atmosphere and travel more than one would imagine… recalling back on the travels of Mount St. Helens’ ash decades ago.
        (Apology for replying twice- I thought I deleted my first comment. You were nice to consider both:) )

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