A Celebration of a Dog’s Life

Tuesday morning Sally passed away peacefully after an unexpected and brief illness. Sally Girl, as she was affectionately known, lived to be over 110 people years old (15.75ish dog years). Sally was one of the most laidback and friendly dogs I have known. Her only unfriendly quality was that most men would set her protectively barking. Thankfully for me, Sally did not bark the first time she met me which surprised Lisa and boosted my credibility score in the good guy category. Maggie on the other hand barked at Lisa which did not surprise me since she has that Australian Shepherd protector gene. Lisa’s credibility score did not suffer due to Maggie’s reaction. We are all now adapting to not having Sally around. Lisa is missing Sally the most. The two of them work through the loss of Lisa’s husband, who was Sally’s pick of who was taking her home from the shelter. Together, Lisa, Maggie, and I will work through Sally going to join Jim in heaven.