Lens Artist Photo Challenge #146: Focusing On The Details – A Study In White

The Peony in the yard is producing a bounty of white blossoms. This past week I wondered how a monochrome image would turn out. It created an interesting image where the focus became the blossom but at the same time a lot of detail was lost. Going back to the original color photo provided more detail in the blossom with varied colors of white, yellow, red, and pink.

What I don’t like are some of the colors in the upper left hand corner that are from items in the background. This becomes noise to me in the picture. The monochrome image removed the noise. For the color image I can crop the majority of the undesired noise.

I prefer a freehand crop over a fixed ratio. Using a different photo editor, I created a second black and white image.

With a darker background it allows more detail in the blossom. The contrast between the blossom and background creates a stark difference drawing the focus to the blossom. Vignette is another tool that I have used but is a bit more difficult to perfect with the color image.

The result is the best of the monochrome and the color image. But I also like the stark quality of the black and white image.

Lens Photo Challenge #146: Focusing On The Details

15 thoughts on “Lens Artist Photo Challenge #146: Focusing On The Details – A Study In White

    1. Thanks, Amy. The Peony came with the house and I did not see it bloom until the following year. It has been blooming for 23 years now. I look forward to seeing it every spring.


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