We are beyond grateful for you

After 26 years on the bone marrow registry, due to age I am no longer able to donate. I first joined when a friend was fighting leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. I was not a match but decided to stay on the registry in case I could help someone else. I was contacted once for additional testing but my marrow was not close enough for a transplant. Please consider taking my place on the registry.


2 thoughts on “We are beyond grateful for you

  1. To my shame, I have no idea how that system works in Portugal, Patrick, and I imagine that I am now too old as well- 74? I was looking through some old comments and found you there and popped over to say hello. Glancing back through your blog it looks like things are going well?


    1. Hello Jo! I was surprised that 61 years was too old. I don’t qualify for any senior benefits or discounts, yet my bone marrow has retired. Yes, things are going well. I’ve just been working too many hours at my job. I am attempting to get out more walking with Maggie.


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