A Break In The Rain

It has been a long time since there has being this much rain in this part of California. It has been raining since Christmas with maybe a break for a morning or afternoon before a thunderstorm or squall came through. Thankfully I had two problem trees removed a couple of years ago. Last year I had the other trees cleaned up so there have been no issues. Keeping everything maintained has avoided any emergency repairs.

This afternoon the sun is out so I took Izzy and Hanna for a walk along the Arroyo Mocho trail. Unfortunately Maggie had to stay at home since she is recovering from a minor surgery. It was an astonishing sight to see how much water was coming down the arroyo. Apparently overnight the water was much higher based on the amount of mud.

On the walk along the street to my house, I saw that one of my neighbors lost a large Oak tree, two vehicles, and a good chunk of a garage, when the high wind brought the tree down. The soil all over the area is saturated and many trees have lost their grip.

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