The Red Dog Garage is an eclectic mixture of thoughts and stories about my journey through life. My ongoing series, Choosing To Be Happy, started during a difficult period in my life. During this time I learned to be in the moment when the world appeared to be falling apart. My hope is that I bring a little humor to my reader’s day. Provided a thought that encouraged someone who is struggling in life. To help somebody to know that God loves them.

This blog was originally started to chronicle the restoration of a Ford Model 66A DeLuxe pickup truck. After two back surgeries, I found it was no longer safe to continue this project. It was completed by the gentleman who took over where I left off.

Being the type that enjoys working on cars that are fun to drive, a 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser GT HIGH OUTPUT made its way into the garage. What many people don’t know is that the PT Cruiser was modeled after the late 1930’s Chrysler sedan.

Vehicles of all types come with letter and number combinations, which are usually found on the rear deck lid or gate, leaving us to wonder what they mean while we sit in traffic. The term GT comes from the Italian phrase “Gran Turismo” or “Grand Touring”. The GT badge was first used in the late 1920’s.

The 2004 PT Cruiser GT HIGH OUTPUT uses a 2.4 liter inter-cooled turbo charged engine that produces 220 hp and 240 ft/lb of torque. Not too many people ordered them with the optional Getrag G288 heavy-duty manual transaxle (normally the automatic transmission is optional). This GT had always been parked in the garage, came with a complete service history from the original dealership and is in near perfect condition. 


I firmly believe that we are all part of the human race and encourage others to  check the “other” box and write in “human”.

Human Race
Image created from the 2010 U.S. Census Form D-61

I’m glad you stopped by the Red Dog Garage. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey through life. Your thoughts are always welcome.