Choosing To Be Happy – No. 206

Abstract art? Nope. When something wears out around the Red Dog Estate, that I know I can fix, I usually don’t want to pay the labor for whatever it is. Hence why I had the Big Dig project and many others. The latest thing to wear out was the headliner in the Dodge Dakota. After removing the headliner and stripping the old cloth and foam, along with a few minor repairs to the front edge, it was ready for the new cloth.

Maggie is always near by supervising. Next step was the most tedious and stressful with one opportunity to do it right.

Contact cement was sprayed on the headliner and new foam backed material gently coached around the various curved surfaces.

After trimming the excess material and cutting the openings it was ready to go back in the truck.

After another hour of putting all the parts back together, the repaired headliner was complete. All in I spent less than $90 and about 8 hours of labor. Saving several hundred dollars is a good reason to be happy.