Maggie, Izzy, & Hanna

In October 2020, we decided to find a companion for Maggie and adopted Izzy and Hanna. Their owner suddenly passed away and they were left without a family. I have never met two dogs that are bonded quite like these two. Lisa and I were looking for one dog but we ended up with the two girls. It has taken a year for them to settle into our home and to let their true personalities show.

Izzy is the big sister of the two and if she gets to the ball first, instead of running back she will stand there and wait for Hanna to start a tug-of-war. Many times it ends up with the two of them bringing the ball back together.

Hanna is definitely more shy than her sister but way more intense when waiting for the ball to be thrown. If either dog drops the ball too far away, letting Hanna know that, “I can’t reach it”, she will pick it up and put it within reach.

Our neighbors have a six year old daughter who loves dogs. Izzy and Hanna have become her best friends in the neighborhood. She comes over several times a week to play with the two of them. At first we were unsure how Izzy and Hanna would respond but after several months it was clear that the neighbor’s daughter was now their kid. Hanna and Izzy have learned the distinctive sounds of running feet coming from the neighbor’s yard. Both of them start barking in excitement knowing that their little friend is coming for a visit.

We were very fortunate to be adopted by Izzy and Hanna. It took Maggie several weeks to warm up to her new sisters. Maggie has actually adapted better to Izzy and Hanna than they have to her. Izzy continues to be a little less tolerate while Hanna will walk with Maggie side-by-side on leash.

They worked together to surround a Kong ball.

Over the last several months, Maggie has been playing with the Kong ball since discovering that it squeaks. Until that point the Wubba was her toy and the Kong ball(s) were chased by Izzy and Hanna. Maggie has now decided that it is time to join in the fun with the ball and has stolen it from Izzy and Hanna several times. I’m hopeful that they will work out their differences and learn how to play together.