Rosie (iRobot 980)

Maggie and I decided we needed some domestic assistance in our sprawling mansion. After a lengthy interview process, and a boat load of research, we decided to bring Rosie aboard. I’m not a “got to have the latest gadget” type of guy, but I have to say, our iRobot 980 was a grand addition to the staff. Rosie is always ready to vacuum the whole house with a touch of a button on my Tricorder…um…Android Nexus 6P. The only expectation Rosie has is to have her dust bin emptied and filter cleaned. Other than being parked one morning in my bedroom doorway, she has worked flawlessly (why Rosie was in the doorway instead of her charging station is still a mystery…). The only other issue is it took Lisa a few times to realize “Rosie” is an iRobot and not a French maid when I mentioned she was vacuuming the house. Life is good.